2022 marked the 175th Anniversary of The New York Academy of Medicine. We invite you to scroll through this special anniversary edition of NYAM in Action for a look back on our historic innovations and contributions, and to learn about the critical work currently underway. Downoad Fact Sheet

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“Our story is 175 years in the making

It’s one of innovation and the drive

To give everyone a fair chance at health

No matter what it takes

It’s a story that started with a few bold leaders

And a community of visionaries

Who recognized the need for change and

Believed in the power of knowledge to

lead the way”

A Milestone Anniversary

As the original bold thinkers and innovators for health in New York City, NYAM celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2022. Our work has created a new way forward for a global city and for the world.

Leaders across the City and State paid tribute to NYAM’s contributions to health.

Honoring NYAM’s Legacy


Mayor Eric Adams

Mayor of New York City

Eric Adams

“Congratulations to The New York Academy of Medicine for 175 years of advancing the holistic health of our city and everyone within it. From the young to the young at heart, NYAM has focused on a data-driven, community-informed approach to inform our public health community and drive change. This work is at the heart of my vision as mayor, and I look forward to continued partnership with NYAM to make that vision a reality.”

Dr. Mary T. Bassett

New York State Department of Health Acting Commissioner

Dr. Mary T. Bassett

“When we look back on the milestones achieved over The New York Academy of Medicine’s 175 years of public health service, we are reminded of all that can be accomplished when science and the desire for common good prevail. Ensuring health equity has never been as urgent, nor our goals more attainable, than right now as we work to expand health access and awareness necessary for systemic change.”


Dr. Dave A. Chokshi

New York City Health Commissioner

Dr. Dave A. Chokshi

“The New York Academy of Medicine has been a vital public health institution for the last 175 years, from its role in helping establish the Health Department to it’s current work advancing health equity across New York City. The Health Department is proud to continue to partner with NYAM to create data-driven and community-focused approaches for keeping all New Yorkers healthy.”

Dr. Wayne J. Riley

NYAM Board Chair

President, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Dr. Wayne Riley

“For 175 years, NYAM has been at the forefront of improving health in New York, from it’s role in the establishment of the city’s health and sanitation departments and now through it’s current work to address the health inequities exacerbated by COVID-19. I am proud to be a part of this historic and vital organization as it continues to lead innovative research and programs to advance health for all.”

Dr. Judith A. Salerno

NYAM President 2017-2022

Dr. Judith Salerno

“Since 1847, The New York Academy of Medicine has been a vital source for effective and, often, radical thought and action on public health issues that affect people in New York City and beyond. As we celebrate 175 years and move forward, we reaffirm our commitment to data-driven and community-informed systems change, and to bold policy and program innovations to advance health equity.”

Memorializing NYAM’s Achievements

NYAM’s history and significant contributions to advancing health in New York City and beyond are memorialized on our website via interactive timelines –available in English and Spanish. Highlights include NYAM’s role in establishing NYC public health and sanitation systems and making advancements across the lifespan in maternal and child health, mental health, healthy aging, and other critical health issues.

Highlights of the NYAM Library’s history were also documented digitally to provide insights into the creation of one of the finest libraries of medicine and public health history in the world today.

JANUARY 1847 | The Founding of the Academy

The first formal meeting of the New York Academy of Medicine takes place at the Lyceum of Natural History. The physicians who found the Academy first propose the idea for a new organization at a meeting of the Society for the Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men on November 18, 1846. On December 12, a small group of regular physicians sets up a committee to draft a constitution and bylaws, which are presented, unanimously adopted, and signed by 132 founders on January 6, 1847.


1866 | New York State Establishes the City’s Metropolitan Board of Health

In 1861, the Academy starts campaigning to reform New York’s laws related to public health. After the publication of the Citizens’ Association of New York report on the sanitary condition of the city in 1865, the state votes to establish the Metropolitan Board of Health, predecessor to the city’s health department, controlled by physicians, and a model for the country.


1933 | The Academy Issues a Landmark Study, Maternal Mortality in New York City

The Academy analyzes 2,014 NYC Health Department reports of women who died from 1930 through 1932 while pregnant or in connection with childbirth. It declares that two-thirds of these deaths are preventable and recommends changes in obstetrical care and hospital procedures.

2004 | CUES Starts Project Viva, a Project to Vaccinate Hard-to-Reach Populations

Initially funded for four years by the National Institutes of Health and the Merck Foundation, Project Viva aims to reach out to local residents and work with community partners to deliver free flu vaccines and to identify and overcome obstacles that keep people from getting vaccinated.

2020-2021 | NYAM Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

NYAM responds to the COVID-19 pandemic with initiatives to provide accurate, science-based information to all and direct support to New Yorkers.

Visionary Leadership


In 2022, President, Dr. Judith Salerno stepped down from her position as NYAM’s third professional president. Her contributions to NYAM during her 5-year tenure are numerous, many of which revolve around a reinvigorated mission that expressly calls forward health equity as the guiding principle for our work.

Programming for All

Programming for All

Dr. Salerno ushered in a new era of NYAM programming that made health and public health information readily accessible to all. From hosting a once-in-a-lifetime appearance of four former Surgeons General, to an Around the Table conversation series with experts on critical issues to reinvigorating the spirit of celebrating together at our Access Health Annual Gala, Dr. Salerno introduced a new level of engagement with NYAM communities.

Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

Dr. Salerno did not hesitate to speak up on critical issues throughout her tenure as President to address social and systemic injustices. Through a series of statements, she addressed controversies such as the Dr. J. Marion Sims statue, the repeal of Roe v. Wade and the horrors of violence against Black Americans including George Floyd. She was also dedicated to stepping back into the role of clinician, coming out of clinical retirement to return to serve patients at New York City Health + Hospitals/Bellevue Hospital during the first wave of COVID-19 in New York City.

Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs

Dr. Salerno called out times in our history when we were wrong and took steps to right the record. Thanks to Dr. Salerno, Dr. James McCune Smith, the first Black American to hold a medical degree, was awarded a posthumous NYAM Fellowship in 2018 after his 1847 application was denied because of his race. Dr. Salerno also addressed a highly inflammatory report issued by NYAM in 1964 that misrepresented homosexuality as a curable disease. Acknowledging these inexcusable actions in our history is critical to being a transparent organization dedicated to advancing equity internally as well as externally.

A New Priority For A New Era

In 2022, we boldly stated our belief that the future of health is equity. Until we address the core systemic issues affecting equity—food insecurity, safe and affordable housing, access to healthcare, and racism, among others—individuals, communities, and society at large will continue to experience negative health outcomes. In 2023, under Dr. Kurth’s leadership, we will also expand and share learning on the climate crisis and its impact on health.

Moving Boldly Forward

Moving into 2023 under the new leadership of President Ann Kurth, PhD, CNM, MPH, we renew our commitment to addressing the root causes of health inequities and working to address the systemic change needed to build the opportunity for everyone to lead a healthy life.

A Historic Announcement

Another milestone for NYAM – Ann Kurth named President of The New York Academy of Medicine, the first epidemiologist and non-physician leader of the organization.

Q&A with President Dr. Ann Kurth

Dr. Ann Kurth

Get to know NYAM’s new leader & her vision for NYAM’s future.

Why Did You Choose to Come to NYAM, and Why Now?

“My focus is on purpose-driven work to move the needle for health, and I see NYAM providing a wonderful platform for that, here in the city that I love. Better health for all people has been a persistent North Star for me—starting with my upbringing with a physician father and a nurse mother. And I’ve always had a cross-disciplinary approach throughout my career; I’ve worked in public and private academia, hospitals, health departments and non-profits, all of which complements NYAM’s work.

Coming from a leadership position at Yale, where I also trained as a nurse midwife, I have great respect for institutions with long-standing history and traditions— especially ones that are not just resting on their laurels, but harnessing their assets and applying them to the needs of the present. I think NYAM has done that historically—on issues like maternal mortality, on the needs of people across the lifespan, even on addressing the threat of nuclear weapons—and we can do this even more going forward.”

NYAM Has Always Addressed Critical Issues of the Day. What Do You Think is the Next Challenge for Health and Health Equity?

“You’ll hear me talk about the climate crisis and climate change, because this is creating a health crisis—and especially a health equity crisis. What are some things we can do to address it? I think a key word to focus on is “resilience.” We need to think about adapting our health systems to address the challenges that are already here and affecting people’s lives.

We need resilience in every facet of life, certainly within healthcare delivery and the public health sector. A recent analysis shows that even before COVID, the US lost half its workforce in the public health sector, and health providers also are suffering from burnout. The reality is, as we all live through the devastating impact of just one novel pathogen, with more stressors on the way, that we need to build more resilience.

This is what’s in front of us—helping our communities and health systems to be ready for the increased number of climate-related challenges we’re going to see. When we hear about preparing for climate change, the conversation is often around transportation and energy and agricultural sectors, and it hasn’t yet focused on the health sector enough. But where do we think people are going to go when they need help during extreme weather events, heat waves, shifting disease outbreaks?

And of course, the populations most affected by these challenges, both in New York and around the world, are disproportionally structurally marginalized, BIPOC communities already living with environmental pollution that historically have faced more barriers to healthcare. So we also must address not only equity in the healthcare system, but also address the underlying social, political and economic determinants.”

Why is NYAM Uniquely Positioned to Do This Work?

“In terms of climate change and health, all the things NYAM cares about come into play. It is through our unique role as a neutral convener, and within the framework of our relentless drive for equity, that we can act as a bridge between sectors and communities. We can do this as we learn from COVID-19 —the stressors it put on our systems, its unequal impact and our clinicians’ mental health— as we prepare for additional challenges. We can help ensure that healthcare systems continue to stand strong in the face of increasing climate stressors, and be safe spaces for our communities and our healthcare workers.

NYAM is distinctly positioned to support evidence-based approaches to building resilience for our workforce, for our healthcare systems, for our population’s health.”

What Are You Looking Forward to the Most Now That You're Back in New York City?

“I am thrilled to be back! My father and my son were both born here, I’ve studied and worked here multiple times over the years, and I consider myself a New Yorker.

Being here allows me the opportunity to live life congruent with my values—to reduce my carbon footprint by living in a dense urban environment, taking mass transportation, eating a plant-based diet. I live in East Harlem now, and it is a privilege to be able to walk to work and to walk in Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, and to experience the dynamism of our great city. This is my sixth neighborhood in two boroughs, so I’m feeling quite at home and so glad to be a part of NYAM’s neighborhood in this city that reflects the whole world.”


As the original bold thinkers in public health, the founding Fellows of The New York Academy of Medicine in 1847 began a long-standing legacy of introducing innovative solutions to improving health across the city. We’re honored to continue in their footsteps and work to change the systems that keep everyone from having the opportunity to be healthy.

Today, this work includes original research, that distinctively value community input for maximum impact.

Changing Systems

“Addressing the National Crisis Facing Black and Latina Women, Birthing People, and Infants: The Maternal and Child Health Equity Summit”: Obstetrics & Gynecology

Mother and Child

This convening report frames the national crisis of maternal and infant health disparities and provides recommendations to inform hospital and policy changes. The summit was a collaborative initiative of The New York Academy of Medicine, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Blavatnik Family Women’s Health Research Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania Health System and Perelman School of Medicine. In NYC, Black birthing people are nine times more likely to die than are white mothers, a shocking fact. NYAM held the first convening on this crucial issue in 1932—and 90 years later is still fighting—advocating for an equitable and healthy start to life for mother and child

Prioritizing Public Health Funding in New York State

Public Health Fund

A strong public health infrastructure is crucial to advancing equity in our COVID-19 vaccine response and ending the pandemic. Our policy brief outlined the current state of funding for health departments and the community-based workforce, as well as opportunities for action to build a more sustainable, effective, and equitable public health infrastructure in New York. The brief is a publication of NYAM’s COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Action Collaborative.

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Action Collaborative

The collaborative connects health systems, public health advocates, and community- and faith-based leaders to ensure community voices are reflected in COVID-19 vaccine outreach and education in the New York City region.

Multisectoral Plan for Aging in New York State

In support of the recent Executive Order by Governor Kathy Hochul to establish New York State’s first Multisectoral Plan for Aging, one of only two in the nation. NYAM was the institution that convened stakeholders from across the state to provide critical input to the plan, releasing the findings to inform the plan’s impact across NY “Creating an Age-friendly Plan for the New York State Multisectoral Plan for Aging.”

Opening More Overdose Prevention Centers

2022 saw the highest number of unintended drug overdose deaths in US history. NYAM stepped up with a convening on this urgent issue in 2019, which helped lead to new strategies that are now models of innovation in the nation. As NYAM wrote in the Daily News: “…in 2022, the work to end the overdose crisis is far from over. New York can continue leading the nation in evidence-based, compassionate drug policy by expanding the Overdose Prevention Center (OPC) model across New York State. OPCs have been demonstrated to save lives and can be a vital public health service. It’s time for them to be accessible to more New Yorkers.”

Supporting Workforce

Harnessing the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce

Director Elana Kieffer and reservist Carolyn Stem

Director Elana Kieffer and Reservist Carolyn Stem of NYAM’s Center for Healthy Aging provide advice on building a strong multigenerational team on the podcast “Bring Out the Talent.”.

“For the first time in our economic history, there are five generations of employees making up our workforce. From the ‘Traditionalists’ generation to the newcomers’ ‘Gen Z,’ there are decades of experiences, cultures, and knowledge in our workplaces that each of us can learn from,” Maria Melfa & Jocelyn Allen, Bring Out the Talent”

Building And Sustaining Community Partnerships: An Organizational Network Analysis In A Low-Resource Neighborhood

NYAM’s study of the development and value of collaboration within the Claremont Healthy Village Collaborative Initiative “provided visual and quantitative information that helped reinforce relationships and identify opportunities to improve connectedness and collaboration among diverse community partners, helping to support the coalition’s goals and objectives.”

Building Knowledge

“COVID-19, Social Determinants of Health, and Opportunities for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease: A Conceptual Framework”: Journal of the American Heart Association


The COVID‐19 pandemic has disrupted the social, economic, and healthcare systems in the United States and shined a spotlight on the burden of disease associated with social determinants of health (SDOH). Researchers from NYAM, the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, and other partners discuss opportunities for addressing SDOH to prevent cardiovascular disease.

“Transforming Primary Care in New York Through Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Findings From Qualitative Research”: Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

A mixed-methods evaluation of a multi-year New York State initiative to refine and expand the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, this report describes patient and provider experience with New York State’s PCMH model and its key components. NYAM’s research provides insights into understanding the strengths and limitations of the PCMH model in order to improve upon and promote it. 

“COVID-19 and Pregnancy: A Public Health, Evidence-Based Approach”: Journal of the National Medical Association

Members of the NYAM Women’s Health Research and Wellbeing Workgroup address the current research and data gaps in relation to COVID-19 and pregnancy.

COVID-19, Community Resilience, and the Experience of Older Adults

In 2022, NYAM began an examination into community resilience and the experiences of older adults in NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project serves to update the landmark 2014 report Resilient Communities: Empowering Older Adults in Disasters and Daily Life that described the challenges and successes experienced by older adults and frontline responders during and after Hurricane Sandy. The findings will culminate in a set of recommendations and best practices that local governments and communities can employ to better support older adults during future natural disasters, extreme weather emergencies, and infectious disease pandemics.

This report will be released in Summer 2023.


Amplifying community voices has long been at the core of NYAM’s work. Our long-standing practice of community consultation and integration of experts with lived experience continues to inform our research, programs, and policy recommendations to advance health in equitable ways. A snapshot of our work over the last year demonstrates our commitment to putting community at the core of all our work.

Listening & Planning

Vaccine Equity Collaboration

Vaccine Equity

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued in 2022, NYAM’s COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Action Collaborative continued its work to connect health systems, public health services, and community- and faith-based leaders to ensure community voices were reflected in vaccine outreach and education in traditionally under-resourced communities in the New York City region. We also developed policy recommendations and solutions based in evidence and designed with the wisdom of communities experiencing the greatest burden of health inequities.

NewYork-Presbyterian Community Health Needs Assessment & Community Service Plans


In 2022, NewYork-Presbyterian tapped NYAM to conduct its system-wide Community Health Needs Assessments, and develop its Community Service Plans for responding to community needs in alignment with the New York State Prevention Agenda and New York City’s Take Care New York program, and help it meet federal reporting requirements for nonprofit hospitals. NYAM’s expertise in community consultation through research and evaluation ensured that NYP had the information it needed to make community-informed decisions to advance the health of its communities.


Age-Friendly Go Local

Age-Friendly Go Local

NYAM was pleased to partner with the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York to support community organizations in western and central New York working to make neighborhoods more livable, equitable, and healthier for older adults.

Community Open House

In 2022, NYAM hosted a series of open house events to welcome old and new friends to our historic East Harlem building. In partnership with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, community members joined a community-led discussion on what it takes to be healthy. Bringing community conversations directly to those who have the ability to influence change is one way NYAM helps to create bridges to facilitate meaningful systems transformation.

Health Equity Crisis

Michelle A. Williams

For our 175th Anniversary Discourse, we welcomed public health leader Michelle A. Williams, SM, ScD, Dean of the Faculty, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Williams highlighted innovative cross-sector coalitions of public, private, and academic partnerships demonstrating inventive approaches to tackling disparities, especially those exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her remarks also paid tribute to NYAM’s historic innovations in public health throughout the generations.

Building Equity & Shifting Power

A Framework for Centering Community Voice in Participatory Research


In collaboration with East Harlem community members, NYAM developed the Resident-led Research Policy and Power (RRPP) framework to help guide conversations between researchers and community members to elicit communities’ expertise to inform health research. NYAM established the East Harlem Action Collaborative (EHAC) to shift power to East Harlem caregivers to change the systems that keep their children and grandchildren from leading healthy lives.

Meeting Youth Where They Are

Meeting Youth

Given the success of NYAM’s YouthworksNYC, a program launched in 2020 and expanded in 2021 to focus on health and well-being for older youth in foster care during COVID-19, we are now exploring expansion to address the needs of expectant and parenting youth. Developed in partnership with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services and community members and advisors with lived experience, this program continues to evolve to meet the post-COVID-19 needs of NYC youth.

Resident-Informed Change in Brooklyn

In 2022, NYAM convened the Age-friendly Brooklyn Task Force of 30 local organizations to undertake the important work of analyzing the results of a borough-wide survey of nearly 2,000 older adults to create a set of recommendations for the borough. Released in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, this report provides a set of 10 recommendations from better housing to safer sidewalks and intersections to facilitate improved health, happiness, and opportunities for the 352,000 older adults living in Brooklyn today.



A trusted source for information, resources, and actionable recommendations, NYAM hosted nearly 40 public events this year, reaching thousands of participants on critical health issues of the day. NYAM gratefully acknowledges our Health Equity Advocates for their generous support of NYAM’s public programming: Bristol Myers Squibb, Hearst, Montefiore Einstein, Mount Sinai, Northwell Health.

Event Series:
Around the Table

NYAM’s popular Around the Table series continued in 2022, providing in-depth discussions on timely topics between NYAM leadership and noteworthy guests. This year we addressed civic health and transgender health, as well as the future of medical education—all in the context of the pandemic. As an expansion of our What Can I Do?  initiative initially launched at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a critical component to Around the Table is providing participants with resources and actions they can take right now to move each issue forward.

Event Series:
Then & Now

This new NYAM event series, developed in celebration of our 175th anniversary, looked at modern-day issues with an historical perspective as part of the conversation on advancing health in current times. Our historians were joined by industry experts to address healthy aging, drug policy and harm reduction services, the past and future of medical libraries, as well as the maternal mortality crisis.

Fellows Section & Workgroup Events

Programming and events that provide opportunities for networking, continuing education, and professional development are organized annually by the sections and workgroups of the Fellows. These events range from students’ and residents’ nights to talks, panels, and symposia on current issues in health and healthcare. Thousands on Fellows, Members and professional colleagues attend events hosted by sections and workgroups including:

Impact of the SCOTUS Reversal of Roe v. Wade

The NYAM Women’s Health Research & Wellbeing Workgroup (WHRWB) of the Fellows, in collaboration with the NYAM Library and the NYAM Section on Nursing, discussed the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the precedent that established legal access to abortions.

5th Annual Advocacy in Medicine Conference

Organized by the NYAM Advocacy in Medicine workgroup, a group of health professional students from institutions across New York City, the 2022 conference theme is centered on community health. Speakers included healthcare and community health experts discussing advocacy and activism.

14th Annual History of Medicine Night I and II

The NYAM Section on the History of Medicine and Public Health offered a two-part event featuring a series of short presentations on the politics of disease prevention.


The NYAM community is comprised of a dedicated and talented group of health and public health professionals, enthusiasts, and advocates, including our Fellows and Members. This year we gathered together to celebrate achievements, extend our gratitude, and amplify voices.

Fellows & Members:

175th Anniversary Discourse & Celebration of the Fellows & Members

At this milestone anniversary celebration, we reflected on our nearly two centuries of key contributions to public health while extending congratulations to our newest Fellows and Members and a special thank-you to our historic 175th Anniversary Discourse Speaker, Dean Michelle A. Williams, SM, ScD, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Access Health/Gala 2022

Access Health returned in 2022 after a two-year COVID-driven hiatus! We had the pleasure of honoring Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, Olajide Williams, MD, MS, founder of Hip Hop Public Health Inc., and Doug E. Fresh, founding artist of Hip Hop Public Health Inc., and recognizing outgoing President Dr. Judith A. Salerno for her vision and steadfast commitment to changing inequitable systems.

As part of NYAM’s milestone anniversary celebration, we were honored to receive a proclamation from New York City Mayor Eric Adams recognizing the day as a Day of Equity.

NYAM Connect Open House

Expanding the role of young professionals in the NYAM community, the founding of NYAM Connect begins a new era of engaging the next generation of rising professionals to build awareness and generate philanthropic support for NYAM’s health equity work.

NYAM’s Annual Celebration of the Library & Open House

This event brought together Library supporters, researchers, and admirers to learn more about the inner workings of the Library and to celebrate our unique collections and NYAM’s dedication to safeguarding the history of medicine and public health to inform the future.

taking a stand

Since its founding, NYAM has stood up in support of evidence-based public health solutions. In 2022, we continued this legacy: We stood up for what we believe will advance health for all, and we also accepted accountability.

Righting A Wrong


In June 2022, NYAM released a statement that formally disavowed and apologized for the harms caused by our 1964 publication “Homosexuality. A Report by the Committee on Public Health.

The report perpetuated views that were not supported by science, and we recognize that NYAM’s inaction on addressing its content is shameful. It has taken us since 1964 to publicly acknowledge this report and we apologize for the hurt that this report, and our silence, has inflicted on the LGBTQIA+ community. As an organization dedicated to advancing equity, it is critically important that we also continue to acknowledge and address our history and our shortcomings. We reaffirm our commitment to this process, and will continue to listen, learn and grow as an organization so we can better lead and advocate for equity.” —Dr. Judith A. Salerno, MD, MS

Supporting Access to Reproductive Healthcare


NYAM spoke out on the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade. This ruling has changed the reproductive rights landscape in our country and will have a significant long-term impact on equity by limiting access to reproductive healthcare. NYAM expressed alignment with the many health professional and stakeholder organizations affirming the right to these essential health services. The ruling exacerbates existing health inequities in the U.S. and has broad implications for clinical care and for the patient-provider relationship.

Supporting Partners


NYAM encouraged New York State members of the U.S. House of Representatives to support the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act (H.R. 1667)—a critically important measure in safeguarding the mental health of our healthcare workforce.

In collaboration with partner Vot-ER, NYAM submitted public comment to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services on the proposed Healthy People 2030 Social Determinants of Health objective to increase the proportion of citizens who vote. Improving voter participation and voting access has the potential to positively influence community health.


In keeping with our legacy as an innovator in public health, NYAM continues to be at the forefront of addressing the critical issues of the day. In 2023, we embark on an expanded imperative—to educate, prepare for, and mitigate the impact of climate change on our healthcare and public health systems and communities.

Around the Table with Climate & Health Champions 2023

Our popular virtual event series returns with a renewed mandate—to demonstrate the connection between the climate crisis and health. By discussing topics through the lens of equity framing, climate justice, and social determinants of health, the series intends to educate, inspire and engage audiences to take action on what has been called the greatest public health threat in history.

“You’ll hear me talk about the climate crisis and climate change, because this is creating a health crisis—and especially a health equity crisis. What are some things we can do to address it? I think a key word to focus on is “resilience.” We need to think about adapting our health systems to address the challenges that are already here and affecting people’s lives.”

NYAM President Dr. Ann Kurth

Resilience Convening 2024

New York City, an epicenter for the world’s experience of COVID-19, has lost many of its practicing nurses and physicians from the active workforce due to burnout. Nationally, nearly half of all state and local public health employees left their agencies by 2021, undermining critical functions and putting communities at risk of new threats. 

Now is the time to reimagine our health systems, to support health workers, and to facilitate community recovery from the COVID pandemic, while preparing for the next crisis—whether another novel pathogen, superstorm, or deadly heat wave. Our historic full-day symposium will address building sustainable health systems, preparing for the impact of future pandemics, and the reality of climate change.

“We need resilience in every facet of life, certainly within healthcare delivery and the public health sector. A recent analysis shows that even before COVID, the US lost half its workforce in the public health sector, and health providers also are suffering from burnout. The reality is, as we all live through the devastating impact of just one novel pathogen, with more stressors on the way, that we need to build more resilience,”

NYAM President Dr. Ann Kurth


We extend our deepest thanks to our supporters—a network of individuals, foundations and corporations who share our commitment to building a healthier and more equitable society.

President’s Society

Urban Champions ($50,000-$99,999)
James & Kerianne Flynn

Empire Laureates ($25,000-$49,999)
J. Mario & Therese Molina
The Rosina E. Dickson Rev Trust
Paul & Kimberley Tanico
David & Geri Wolf

Gotham Innovators ($10,000-$24,999)
R. Martin Chavez
Grodman Family Foundation
Barbara Green
David Perry
Janis Smith-Gomez
Mark Wagar
Lily Zhou

Metropolitan Partners ($5,000-$9,999)
The Ferland Brissette Family Fund
Elsa-Grace Giardina & Alan Saroff
Mark Kaplan
Ann Kurth
Richard Merkin
Thomas Morris
Herbert Pardes & Nancy Wexler
Wayne Riley
Elena Rios
Judith Salerno
George & Barbara Thibault

Progress Allies ($1,000-$4,999)
Judith Ahronheim & Gerald Blandford
Lawrence Altman
Jeremiah & Linda Barondess
The Charina Foundation
Sandy Chilewich
Nancy & Andrew Clayman
Barry & Bobbi Coller
Joseph Feczko & Leighton Gleicher
Robert & Mary Fischer
Lesmah Fraser
Doug E. Fresh
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Robert Hayes
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Ellen Rubin
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Darren Walker
Arthur & Sally Webb
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Mary Woolley

Contributor’s List

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Drexel University
Foundation For Child Development
Fund for Public Housing, Inc
Health Foundation of Western &            Central New York
Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
New York University School of                 Medicine
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
NYS Office of Mental Health
The Weinberg Center for Elder Justice
University of New Mexico

Charina Endowment Fund, Inc
Fund for Public Health in New York,        Inc.
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences        University
The Corlette Glorney Foundation Inc.
The New York Community Trust

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of    Yeshiva University
Brooklyn Borough President
FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic        Funds
Johnson & Johnson
Montefiore Medical Center
Mount Sinai Hospital
National Digital Inclusion Alliance
New York University
Northwell Health
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
The John A. Hartford Foundation
The New York City Council

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Columbia University
Columbia University School of Nursing
Empire BlueCross BlueShield
Hearst Corporation
Lifespan of Greater Rochester
New York State Office for the Aging
NYU College of Dentistry
PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.
The Commonwealth Fund

AARP Foundation
American Federation for Aging                Research
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Columbia University Vagelos College     of Physicians & Surgeons
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NYAM is thankful for the leadership and dedication of our Board of Trustees.

2022 NYAM Board of Trustees

Wayne J. Riley, MD, MPH, MBA, MACP
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Mark L. Wagar
Chief Executive Officer
HealthShare Value Advisers, LLC

Charles N. Bertolami, DDS, DMedSc
Herman Robert Fox Dean
New York University College of Dentistry

Steven J. Corwin, MD,
Advisory Member
President & Chief Executive Officer
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

John Damonti, MSW
President, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Vice President, Corporate Philanthropy &
Patient Assistance

Martine Ferland
President and Chief Executive Officer

James Flynn, MS
Board Chair Emeritus
Managing Partner
Deerfield Management Company, LP

Elsa-Grace V. Giardina, MD, MS, FACC, FAHA, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center

Marc D. Grodman, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center

Barbara A. Green, PhD
Senior Vice President
New Business Initiatives
GNYHA Ventures, Inc

Julian Harris, MD, MBA, MSc
Partner on the Healthcare Services Team
Deerfield Management Company, LP

Julia Iyasere, MD, MBA  
Executive Director of the Dalio Center for Health Justice

Mia Jung, MBA
Healthcare Talent Partner
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Mark N. Kaplan, Esq.
Of Counsel
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Jennifer H. Mieres, MD, FACC, MASNC, FAHA
Senior Vice President, Center for Equity of Care and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Northwell Health
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Professor of Cardiology
Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Philip O. Ozuah, MD, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Montefiore Medicine

Richard Park, MD, FACEP
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Ascend Partners

Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, FACP
President and CEO
National Hispanic Medical Association

Judith A. Salerno, MD, MS
President (2017 – 2022)
The New York Academy of Medicine

Janis Smith-Gomez, MBA
Retired Vice President, Global Brand Experience
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Paul P. Tanico, JD
Managing Principal
CastleRock Management

Ashwin Vasan, MD, PhD
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene



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